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The student barracks are the living quarters for students under the teachings of a master at the Jade Palace. The Furious Five and Po currently occupy the bedrooms, though many students have lived in the barracks in the past.



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It is noted that the barracks were designed to be minimalist, in that it only offers the essentials. The idea behind this was to "[keep] with the idea that the Five were dedicated to kung fu and would live a simple ascetic life, free from possessions or earthly comforts," director John Stevenson explains.[1]



Interior of barracks in Po's room in Kung Fu Panda

The barracks' bedrooms convey the same idea of minimalistic simplicity through the Five's bedding detail. It is noted that each of their bedrooms house the same basic items—a candleholder and a bamboo bed—but each room contains a small sense of individual personality. Art director Tang Kheng Heng specifies a few of these: "Crane has a mat to sleep on, Tigress has unique covers, and Monkey's covers are a little messy."[1]

The current bedroom occupation layout goes as follows, from left to right progressing down facing the entrance from the back of the barracks (as seen in the first film): Mantis' room across from Monkey's room; Viper's room across from Crane's room; and Tigress' room across from Po's room.

Kitchen and dining hall


Concept illustration of the kitchen by Rachel Tiep-Daniels and Melchior Zwyer

The barracks kitchen/dining hall is noted to be designed in contrast to the noodle shop's kitchen, in that there's more room and "it's much cleaner and more ornate, with richer materials such as gold and jade incorporated into the environment," Heng explains.[1]


In Kung Fu Panda


Po talking with Crane in his room

Po's first night in the student barracks did not end well: firstly, Po's footsteps constantly made the floorboards creak, and at one point, he crashed through the floor. While searching for an empty room, he accidentally wound up in Crane's bedroom, waking up its resident. In the awkward moment that followed, Po accidentally kicked a hole in the wall, separating Crane and Monkey's rooms, and the panda eventually left, embarrassed. Po went back to searching for a room, but then Tigress opened her door and made it clear that he was not welcome at the Jade Palace. She then slammed the door in his face.

The night after, Po was being administered acupuncture by Mantis and Viper, his yells distracting Monkey and Crane, when Tigress entered the room and told him the story of Shifu's past with Tai Lung.

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