The Tavan Bogd Mountains are a range of snow-capped mountains located on the western outskirts of Mongolia, thousands of miles away from the Valley of Peace. It serves as the primary setting of Chorh-Gom Prison in the Kung Fu Panda franchise.


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The prison entrance

The Tavan Bogd Mountains were chosen as the ideal location for Chorh-Gom Prison, an elaborate stronghold built to hold one prisoner: Tai Lung. From this mountain range's most inaccessible peak, the prison was constructed by Commander Vachir and the Anvil of Heaven twenty years prior to the events of the first film. They worked without rest to carve out the deep caves and chasms of the prison, construct the inner walkways, and secure with patrols and weapons.[1]

In Kung Fu Panda


Zeng speaking with Vachir

After Oogway had a vision that Tai Lung would escape from Chorh-Gom Prison, Zeng was sent by Shifu (with whom Oogway had shared his vision with) to take extra precautions by doubling the prison security.

Zeng traveled by flight through these mountains to get to the prison and give Vachir, the prison's warden, Shifu's message. Vachir was greatly offended by the message, and took Zeng on a tour through the prison to assure him that the prison was already well guarded, and to pass that knowledge on to Shifu. However, despite the warden's confidence, Tai Lung did indeed break out of the prison, using one of Zeng's dislodged feathers. Tai Lung then told Zeng to fly back to the palace and tell its residents that "the real Dragon Warrior is coming home." The palace goose immediately flew back through the mountains to deliver this message.

In Legends of Awesomeness

The Tavan Bogd Mountains have made minor appearances through out the series in the background of Chorh-Gom Prison.


  • The inspiration of these mountains most likely came from the Tavan Bogd Uul, one of the mountain peaks that help to form the Tavan Bogd Massiv, five peaks joined together to create a massive glacier. "Tavan bogd" translated in Mongolian means "five saints", referring to the five peaks.[2]



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