Countdown currently unavailable.

Syntax: {{Countdown|<Month>|<DD>|<YYYY>|<HH:MM:SS>|<Time-zone>}}
Where "Month" is the Full month (e.g. January, February etc.)
Where "DD" is date (e.g. 01, 10, 31 etc.)
Where "YYYY" is the four digit year. (e.g. 1066, 2009, 3000 etc.)
Where "HH:MM:SS" stands for Hours:Minutes:Seconds (e.g. 00:00:00 or 23:59:59 etc.)
Where "Time-zone" is the three or four letter abbreviation of your time-zone (e.g. PST, GMT, CEST etc. )

If you still see the T minus and T plus then clear your browsers cache and refresh the page.

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