It has been suggested this page be moved to a different title.
Reason: (unspecified)
If you disagree with this action, please express your opinion on this page's talk page.

About this template

This marker is intended to be used by contributors of the Kung Fu Panda Wiki who feel that a page is worthy of consideration for being moved/renamed.

Template code



  1. Copy and paste the template code at the top of the page you wish to apply for a move.
  2. Replace the "<reason>" slot with a brief explanation of why you feel the article qualifies for a renaming. Be as brief as you can, but don't be afraid to justify yourself a little bit.
  • If you see one of these labels and disagree with moving it, please explain why in the article's talk page.

General information

Why use it?

  • Easy indication of an article or category in need of renaming
  • Followed up on easily by an admin when template automatically places the page in the "Candidates for moving" category
  • Assists in organizing future revisions for the wiki

When to use it

Use this template when a page:

  • ...has a title that is incorrect, too specific, too vague, etc.
  • Any other reason at the discretion of an administrator
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