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This template is intended to be used by contributors of the Kung Fu Panda Wiki who wish to place an "intro quote" at the beginning of sections in articles.

Template Code




Why use it?

  • Allows insight into the subject of the section the quote is being placed
  • Easy-to-read layout and easy to format
  • Eye-catching on an article

When to use this template

Use this template...:

  • the beginning of sections in articles

How to Use

Simply copy and paste the code given above. The quote is flexible and can be squeezed into both long and short columns of space on an article.

Specifications are as follows:

  • Quote - The quote itself; just the text is needed - quotes have already been formatted in
  • Speaker - The person saying the quote; allows linking
  • Source - The quote reference; must be from a piece of media with a separate article on the site (like the movies or shorts). Just the name is needed - it is already formatted into a link
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