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This article is out of universe from Kung Fu Panda.
This subject has been distinguished as part of the real world and therefore should not be taken as part of the fictional universe of the Kung Fu Panda franchise.

About this template

This marker is intended to be used by contributors of the Kung Fu Panda Wiki for articles indicating information about the real world and not the fictional Kung Fu Panda world.


  • Copy and paste the template code at the top of the article.
  • This is to be used only for articles about the real world (and are thus outside the canon Kung Fu Panda universe), not for non-canon articles (which are not allowed on this wiki; see our "Not" policy and Deletion policy).

Template code

{{Real World}}

General information

Why use it?

  • Easy recognition of an article that is not part of the canon Kung Fu Panda universe

When to use it

Use this template when an article:

  • Is about a real subject not from the fictional Kung Fu Panda universe:
    • Merchandise (movies, video games, etc.)
    • Online franchise (Kung Fu Panda World, official websites, etc.)
    • DreamWorks-sponsored events featuring Kung Fu Panda

EXCEPTIONS TO TEMPLATE (subjects about these are normally linked to Wikipedia instead):

  • People (voice actors, production crew, etc.)
  • Companies (DreamWorks, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, etc.)
  • Terms used within the article
    • Exception: Terms that define itself differently in the Kung Fu Panda universe (e.g. Kung Fu, inner peace)

More info

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