This marker is intended to be used by contributors of the Kung Fu Panda Wiki for referencing sources in an article.

Template Codes

Single column


[View Example Here]

Double column


[View Example Here]


Why use it?

  • Provides an easy way of inserting the <reference/> code for new users.
  • Less code adjusting (and memorizing) for future circumstances.

When to use this template

Use this template when a page:

  • ...cites sources with <ref>...</ref>
  • Any other reason as specified by an administrator

When using this template...

  • Place the code in a new section of the article entitled "References".

How to Use

Copy and paste one of the codes given above (depending on the number of sources used) in a new section of an article entitled "References". Usually, if there are more than 5-8 sources on a page, using the double-column code is recommended.

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