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About this template

This marker is intended to be used by contributors of the Kung Fu Panda Wiki who feel that an article has sufficient information in certain sections, but needs to be revised or formatted in order to be read or viewed better.


  • Copy and paste the template code at the top of the section you feel needs expanding or improving, but below any spoiler tags or thumbnail pictures already there.
  • If preferred, in the second slot of the code (where it says "place 'wide' if preferred"), replace the text with "wide" to format the label to its wide state, as shown above. This is useful when marking sections without any extra pictures or templates near it.
    • If width is not a preference, skip this step and remove the "place 'wide' if preferred" text from the code; it will then automatically format to its normal size.
  • Do NOT use if there's already an "Improve" label at the top of the article! This spans across the whole article and does not need any more indication.

Template code

{{revise|place "wide" if preferred}}

General information

Why use it?

  • Draws attention to a particular section within a page to easily indicate a need for expanding or improving
  • Followed up on easily when template automatically places the page in the "Revise" category
  • Provides new contributors an opportunity to contribute to the wiki

When to use it

Use this template when a section of a page:

  • Has sufficient information, but lacks in clarity or conventions
  • Needs to be formatted or styled better (either through links, picture placement, etc.)
  • Any other reason as specified by an administrator
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