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About this template

This marker is intended to be used by contributors of the Kung Fu Panda Wiki who feel that an article is in need of expanding or improving.


  • Copy and paste the provided code at the top of the article you wish to apply the stub indicator and matching category to.
  • It is recommended to be used when multiple sections of the article contain a "Section stub" label. If there is just one or two, then there is no need for any more indication.

Template code


General information

Why use it?

  • Draws attention to the article, easily indicating that the article needs some expanding or improving
  • Can be followed up on easily when the template automatically places the article in the "Article stubs" category
  • Provides new contributors an opportunity to contribute to the wiki

When to use it

Use this template when an article:

  • Has less than a full page short
  • Has a significant amount of missing information
  • Any other reason as specified by an administrator

More info

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