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"The Hunger Game" is the fourteenth episode from season three of Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness.



Po and the Five must stop food-stealing rats to end a famine, but Po's weakness for food may hinder the mission.[2]

Po and the Five have to stop a famine by bringing a maniacal gang of food-thieving rats to justice. But, will Po's weakness for food alienate himself from his friends and the very villagers he is trying to help?[3]


Due to rat bandits stealing food, the valley is struck by a major famine, including the Jade Palace, whose meals now consist of five grains of rice a day, leaving everybody hungry and weak (except for Mantis, who doesn't require much sustenance due to his small size). Shifu then informs Po and the Furious Five about a wealthy goat named Madame Zhou who can temporarily stop the famine by donating a large sum of rice. When Po and the Furious Five go over to pick it up, Po is quickly distracted by the large amount of food in the palace, which results in the rice being stolen by the rats. Po is disappointed by the turn of events but quickly gets over it when Madame Zhou invites Po to come to her palace for food whenever he is hungry.

Upon reporting the news to Shifu, Shifu tells them about the rat bandits: they are an army of thieves named the Lao Shu, led by Ju-Long, an insane rat who steals simply for the fun of it. That night, Po sneaks out of the Jade Palace to eat at Madame Zhou's palace. However, Po is still hungry, so he revisits Madame Zhou's palace several times, and even skips out of missions to do so, resulting in the theft of the last of the valley's food. Po is caught by the Furious Five and Shifu when they see a dumpling on Po's foot, who hastily tries to offer it them, calling it a "foot dumpling." The Furious Five and Shifu express their intense disappointment in Po and walked out on him.

That night, Po visits Madame Zhou's palace again to ask her to donate some of her food to the Valley of Peace, however the palace is vacant when he arrives. Po pokes around the palace for a bit and accidentally uncovers a secret storage of rice in the process. Just then, Madame Zhou appears and reveals that she is in cahoots with the Lao Shu, who give her the stolen rice so she can resell it to the Valley of Peace for high prices. Po tries to stop her, but is quickly distracted by a thrown dumpling. The Lao Shu then arrive and attack Po by manipulating suits of armor. Po is almost overpowered by them, but manages to throw them into the rice cellar. However, Ju-Long then swings an axe at Po, causing him to stumble and fall into the cellar as well. Madame Zhou then reappears and betrays Ju-Long by pushing him into the cellar and then shutting them in. Po states that Madame Zhou double crossed both him and Ju-Long, but Ju-Long replies that he actually double crossed Madame Zhou and has rigged the cellar to explode. Using his quick thinking, Po uses the suits of armor to break the cellar wall, and jump out, landing next to Madame Zhou. Madame Zhou then states that she used to be called "Master of the Iron Whip", and then attacks Po with a chain. Po quickly overpowers her, but she pulls out a dumpling to distract Po. Po impulsively almost goes for the dumpling, but then ignores it, stating that he is no longer controlled by food. Po then ties both Madame Zhou and Ju-Long up with the chain and sends them to Chorh-Ghom Prison.

Back at the Jade Palace, the Furious Five and Shifu are no longer disappointed in Po due to him having restored their food supply and when he apologized for his actions like letting them and the valley down by not bringing them any food until after the incident, and Tigress hands Po a bowl of dumplings, he sniffs them. Finding it smelling funny, Po asked if it was foot dumplings, which makes everybody laugh, until Monkey states that he made them all himself and Po didn't care, he eats them anyway, grossing them out.

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