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This article is about the collection of scrolls featured in Kung Fu Panda. For other uses, see Scroll (disambiguation).

The Thousand Scrolls of Kung Fu is a collective library of one thousand scrolls, each holding a specific aspect to the teachings of kung fu. These currently take up the many shelves at the back of the Hall of Warriors.



These scrolls hold all the secrets of kung fu, both martial and spiritual as written by Great Master Oogway. They contain the collective wisdom of countless generations of martial artists, including unique styles, weapons, techniques, and tactics. Tai Lung was said to have been the first to master all one thousand of these pearls of wisdom.[1]

In Kung Fu Panda

The scrolls were briefly mentioned by Po, who commented about Tai Lung being the first student to master them during a conversation with the Furious Five. They can be seen in the background behind the Moon Pool.


  • Although the first film mentions there only being a thousand scrolls written, in the making of the film, it actually took 22,388 scrolls to fill up the shelves in the back.[2]



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