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  • In case the topic title wasn't obvious enough, I'd like to offer you rollback rights on this wiki. :) You seem to be pretty persistent in undoing vandalism around here, and just from what I've personally observed from you, you also seem to be a sensible, non-conflict-seeking user—which are all valuable traits I look for with any wiki position. And I can always use more rollbacks to help with spam and vandalism, regardless of the amount present on the wiki.

    If it affects your decision on accepting or not, I just want you to know: there's no (intended) pressure or stress with this. I just thought you'd like a faster way to undo edits. (If you're not sure how this works, look at the page I linked to above in "rollback", or just ask me about it.) I also don't expect commitments, change, or anything else different out of you than what you already do; just keep on doing what you're doing, and you're free to stop or withdraw from the position whenever you feel like it. :)

    So feel free to accept or decline as you wish; I'll be satisfied with your answer either way. Let me know if you have any questions. :)

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