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  • Can i be an administrator too

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    • Sorry, there are currently no openings for any wiki staff members at the moment. But even if there were, admins aren't selected simply by application: they're personally (by me, so far) hand-picked from the community.

      The precise selection process isn't exactly detailed anywhere, but I typically look for users who display certain traits suitable for running a group of people: natural leadership, maturity, logical thinking, etc. And on top of that, you have to be an active user on the wiki for quite a while - Zaralith was active for three years before I asked him to be an admin. It doesn't necessarily have to be that long, but at least long enough that I know that the user knows how things work around here. Perhaps a minimum of 6 months?

      Anyway, sorry, we don't appoint staff (especially admins) the same way some other wikis do. They're all very important roles that are only entrusted to active, mature users.

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    • Who are the other administrators of this wiki?

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    • See this list.

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    • an anonymous contributor
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