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  • Hello! I've been working a bit on the Battles articles and so far, I've only completed the content for Battle between kung fu masters and jade zombies. However, I have a few questions. Do hope you can take time to answer them.

    1. For the "Combatants" section, if more than one individual supports one side, how should they be displayed. I've seen some with line breaks, some by leaving a line, some with commas and some with bullet-points.
    2. Should Kai's conquest be categorized as a Battle? Especially since it spans across a larger time frame and already has a page for one of its sub-events (Battle between kung fu masters and jade zombies). Shen's conquest is only categorized as an Event.
    3. Are there any rules on linking that I should take note of? I can't seem to find any policies on that. I do know that some wikis have strict regulations on when to link and when not to. May I know the wiki's preferred format?

    Thank you so much for your time!

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    • The event articles still need a lot of work. XD

      1. Commas or bulletpoints (whatever looks more visually pleasing) for separating fighters (those that are fighting in the same fight together), lines (<hr>) for separating the fighters from different fights (like the Fireworks Factory one: Po went up against Shen, while the Five went against Shen's army). Any that aren't like this need to be fixed.
      2. Fixed it. You're right, it shouldn't have been a battle.
      3. We're not really that strict. Generally, re-link stuff when they're in a different major element. So everything in the infobox is linked once, everything in the intro paragraph is linked once, and everything in one section (with a ==H2== heading) is linked once - with the exception of images in the section: everything in image captions are also linked once. This is because most viewers only look at one or two elements on the page, and it would be tiresome to search through the whole article for one specific link.

      Thanks for your hard work. Let me know if you have any more questions. :)

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    • Thanks! I'll keep those in mind.

      Also, in a normal infobox, when should bulletpoints be used and when should <br> be used? Or do bulletpoints apply for the Combatants section of that infobox only?

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    • Whatever you think looks best. It's just a visual aid.

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    • Sorry to bother you again. But I feel that the article Battle of the Valley of Peace should be deleted as it summarises both Battle between Shifu and Tai Lung and Battle between Po and Tai Lung. Furthermore, it is already part of the First Valley Crisis article and seems to be repetitive. Could you please take a look at it? Thanks.

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    • Yeah, I agree, pretty repetitive. But it seems like from its "What links here" list that it's necessary in some article contexts. So instead of deleting it, it should probably just have the current "Battles" section - or similarly, turned into a disambiguation page.

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    • Alright. Thanks.

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    • an anonymous contributor
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