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The Twelve Impossible Moves is the name given to a set of twelve difficult kung fu techniques; it is presumed they are thought "impossible" to do, hence its name. There were originally thought to be just Seven Impossible Moves,[1] but Fenghuang was later revealed to have learned and demonstrated an additional five moves, bringing the total to twelve.[2]



It is believed the Twelve Impossible Moves were created by Master Oogway for defense against the strongest foes, although there is no evidence that specifically states as such.


Out of the twelve total techniques that comprise the Twelve Impossible Moves, seven have been demonstrated: two from the original Seven Impossible Moves, and all five of the new moves.

From the original Seven, only two were mentioned:

  • Thundering Wind Hammer: A special and difficult kung fu technique dubbed as one of the Twelve Impossible Moves. The Thundering Wind Hammer is done by rapidly spinning around, suddenly stopping, and then placing one's palm out towards the target. A ball of energy shoots out from the palm and flies toward the target, blowing it back on impact.
  • Mongolian Fireball: A technique where the user goes into multiple stances, and then brings their hand close together vertically. After this, a large fireball forms between their hands and slowly moves forward, sucking nearby objects in. The fireball then gets shorter until it disappears, leaving only a cloud of dust behind.

Unknown Impossible Moves:

  • Shielding Spell: Is an unofficial technique, but referred as a shielding spell by Shifu and Snow Leopard where Fenghuang cast a protection spell that creates an energy force-field around both her and her allies to protected them from Xi'an’s mystical sword and abilities, that was introduced in the flashback of The First Five. When using it again to retrieve the sword caused her eyes to be blind-like state to sustain it, but the second time her eyes were open when she used it to repulse Master Elephant when he was possessed by Xi'an. It unknown if this was another kung fu technique or if it was really an impossible move from the original seven, as Shifu stated that only Fenghuang knew the spell while the other members of the First Furious Five, including Shifu didn’t know how to preform it.

The new five moves demonstrated by Fenghuang were not mentioned with a specific name, but were instead described by Po as such:

  • "Spears of Fire"
  • "Spinny Fast Thing"
  • "The One Where You Slam The Ground"
  • "The Clappy Wings Deal"
  • "Flying Ring of Energy"




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