The Twelve Impossible Moves is the name given to a set of twelve difficult kung fu techniques; it is presumed they are thought "impossible" to do, hence its name. There were originally thought to be just seven impossible moves,[1] but Fenghuang was later revealed to have learned and demonstrated an additional five moves, bringing the total to twelve.[2]



It is believed the Twelve Impossible Moves were created by Master Oogway for defense against the strongest foes, although there is no evidence that specifically states as such.


Out of the twelve total techniques that comprise the Twelve Impossible Moves, seven have been demonstrated: two from the original Seven Impossible Moves, and all five of the new moves.

From the original Seven, only two were mentioned:

There was one unnamed one that was introduced in The First Five. where Fenghuang cast a force-field like spell around her and her allies. It unknown if that was an impossible move.

The new five moves demonstrated by Fenghuang were not mentioned with a specific name, but were instead described by Po as such:

  • "Spears of fire"
  • "Spinny fast thing"
  • "The one where you slam the ground"
  • "The clappy wings deal"
  • "Flying ring of energy"




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