This article is about a character in Kung Fu Panda Holiday. For the Legends of Awesomeness character, see Yang.

Yang (known as Uncle Yang to Po) is a relative of Po and Mr. Ping.[1] His first and only appearance was in Kung Fu Panda Holiday.


In Kung Fu Panda Holiday

He was noted by Po to have a habit of laughing so hard that noodles spurt out his nose, much to Crane and Monkey's amusement when they see it at the Noodle Shop's Winter Festival celebration.


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Mr. Ping

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Uncle Yang wears a red robe with a cloud pattern with black trim, as well as a black belt. He also wears a yellow and dark green hat.[1]


  • The exact nature of Uncle Yang's relationship to Po or Mr. Ping has not been explained. As he is a different species than them, it is possible that he is either a step-brother of Mr. Ping, or that Po is calling him "Uncle" because he is a close friend of the family. In Asian cultures, it is common to address unrelated elders as "Uncle" or "Auntie".



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