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The Undertaker is the name given to a character in the Nickelodeon television series Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. He is the caretaker of the Valley of Peace Cemetery, although his real name was never revealed. He appeared in the episode "The Po Who Cried Ghost" when he attempted to raise an army of hopping ghosts to take over China.


In Legends of Awesomeness

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A wicked individual who pretended to be a kindly graveyard keeper, the Undertaker has no respect for the dead, as he used an evil object to rouse them from their rest so as to use them for an undead army to conquer China, and derogatorily referred to them as his pets, while also treating them like property.

He wanted to turn Po into a jiang shi to lead his army but (due to Po's fearfulness) went with Shifu. When he was thwarted, he acted like a sore loser, promising to take revenge on Po. However, when he has no control, the Undertaker fears the undead just as much as anyone, as he screamed when the Jiang hi dragged him off to Chorh-Gom Prison.

Fighting style

The Undertaker doesn't fight at all; he leaves the fighting to the jiang shi he controls with his staff. However, he is a deceitful actor, pretending to be an old graveyard keeper in need of help to lure Po and Shifu into a trap.


The jiang shi

JiangShi Group
The Undertaker views the jiang shi he controls as his "pets", but more so as an army he can exploit to conquer China. The Undertaker has no respect for the dead, although he fears the undead when he has no control over them.


The Undertaker wanted to make Po into one of his undead minions to lead his undead army until he saw Po acting like a scaredy-cat. After Po thwarted him, he acted like a sore loser and angrily called Po "bad panda", and swore he would take vengeance on him, which Po answered by having some jiang shi drag the Undertaker off to prison.


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  • An "undertaker" is typically someone who is employed to manage funerals, burials and cremations.[1]



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