aka Lea

  • I live in Norway
  • I was born on December 1
  • My occupation is Furry
  • I am Female

I love Kung Fu Panda because I'm a furry since it is a popular anthropomorphic animal film franchise that is taking place in China and especially Po is one of my favorite anthropomorphic animal characters, he's funny, cute, heroic and friendly.


Top favorite characters

  1. Po
  2. Li (Because he's also a panda who just Po's biological father and shares many of his personality traits)
  3. Shifu (Because he's tough to be little and bit cute and have a and refuses to admit his funny side)
  4. Viper

Top favorite villains

  1. Tai Lung
  2. Kai
  3. Shen

Top favorite episodes

  1. The Po Who Cried Ghost
  2. Jailhouse Panda
  3. Shifu's Back 
  4. Good Croc, Bad Croc
  5. Monkey in the Middle
  6. See No Weevil
  7. Kung Shoes
  8. Fluttering Finger Mindslip 
  9. Rhino's Revenge 
  10. The Maltese Mantis
  11. The Midnight Stranger
  12. Po Picks a Pocket 
  13. Ghost of Oogway
  14. Secret Admirer 
  15. The Spirit Orbs of Master Ding
  16. Mouth Off
  17. Master Ping 
  18. Face Full of Fear
  19. Invitation Only
  20. Camp Ping
  21. Kung Fu Day Care 
  22. My Favorite Yao 
  23. Father Crime 
  24. Terror Cotta 
  25. Present Tense 
  26. The Goosefather
  27. The Way of the Prawn
  28. Hometown Hero 
  29. Po Fans Out 
  30. Has-been Hero 
  31. The Most Dangerous Po 
  32. In With the Old 
  33. Five is Enough 
  34. Qilin Time
  35. Royal Pain
  36. Challenge Day
  37. The Break-Up 
  38. Mind Over Manners
  39. Hall of Lame
  40. Eternal Chord 
  41. Love Stings 
  42. The Goosefather 
  43. Eternal Chord 
  44. Master and the Panda 
  45. The Hunger Game
  46. Chain Reaction
  47. Sticky Situation
  48. Emperor's Rule Part 2
  49. The Princess and the Po 
  50. A Stitch in Time
  51. Po the Croc
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