For transcripts. What's the difference between an ellipse (...) and a comma (,)? Should screams/laughs be in exact text? Is the mentioning of the camera changing directions necessary in a conversation scene? How exact does a setting have to be described? Should nonverbal actions from a character be a part of the same character's dialogue or be its own sentence? Should a joke in a scene be explained by the transcript guy? Can nonverbal actions be transcripted in the middle of a sentence? When to use quotation marks? Etc.

Were you openly asking about these? I noticed you put them on your profile page and not somewhere appropriate like a Message Wall or forum thread. I'll answer them anyway just in case.
While we're on the topic somewhat: there's still no manual of style for this wiki (mostly my fault), so I understand why you'd have so many grammatical and formatting questions. But hopefully looking at some of our past transcripts will help some. They're not super strict, though; because most of them are empty, we're just looking to get some content in it and do all the nit-picky formatting stuff later.
Anyway, back to your questions:
  • I believe ellipses have been being used as pauses in speech (cringey for me as an English major, but understandable as a writer, lol). Other times around the wiki, it's used to indicate omitted parts of a quote. Let me know if there are visible exceptions to this. The comma, therefore, is for less longer, less dramatic pauses, and all other appropriate grammatical uses.
  • Screams/laughs are typically described as something like "[He cackled.]", unless there was more action happening with it. Sometimes situational depending on the scene and the character.
  • Camera actions are not added. Can't think of any exceptions for this.
  • Setting descriptions are very short, only long enough to illustrate significant features that the characters may or may not take advantage of. E.g. if one entered a cave that had particular features they would later interact with, those would be mentioned. Otherwise, just short and simple.
  • Nonverbals are only included if it's significant to the scene. Trying to not make the transcripts written like a short story or anything of the like. E.g. if a character got poisoned, one would describe their sudden change in expression very shortly, and then include typical descriptions such as hunching over and grabbing their throat. All that said, they usually get their own line.
  • Joke explanations are typically not needed. There's no language barrier since we're the English wiki, and hardly a culture barrier since the jokes are usually short and simple. If there are exceptions to this, let me know and I'll have a look.
  • Quotation marks aren't needed since quotes are formatted by having the character name in bold caps just before it. Other uses like indicating "figurative" stuff can be used, though I can't really think of a time when it needed to be used.

Think I hit them all. Thanks for being so curious about the workings of this wiki. Really need to get back to working on the manual of style - hopefully one day I'll have time for it. XD --§ρøττεδςταr (talk) 14:08, July 16, 2017 (UTC)

Note to self: Tiny down-left arrow symbols within text are trouble. Starter double apostrophes = row of text is italicized. Ender double apostrophes = does nothing. Maybe improve upon describing fight scenes and 2D narrations. Think about the necessity of indicating off-screens and nonverbal pauses. Fixing the Doc-to-Wiki Weirdness is not time-efficient. Putting out fast/rough transcripts more important. Let future people edit the imperfections - unless there's absolutely nothing left to improve on the entire wiki (doubt that time will come soon). Replace Temutai's soldiers/army with henchmen/clan maybe.
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