aka UberHumphrey

  • I was born on April 27
  • I am nothing more than myself.

Hello There

I go by Wraithldr13 or UberHumphrey, but you can refer to me by any iteration of those two that you would like. I have been MIA from this wiki for some time now, but recently spoke with a friend about coming back to help with some of the upkeep and editing of the Wiki as Kung Fu Panda 3 begins to build momentum. I hope to be as helpful as I can!

About Me

I am currently a studio arts student in college and I am looking into possibly doing animation or voice acting. I have some minor skills in web development and editing. I'm pretty laid back most of the time and I love to have in-depth discussions about topics that catch my interest. I enjoy lore of all kinds and can often be found browsing other wikis such as the Gundam Wiki and the Wiki of Ice and Fire.

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