The Valley of Woe is a briefly mentioned location. It is unknown why it is considered "woeful", as in Kung Fu Panda Issue 3 the valley was depicted as full of lush green fields.


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In Kung Fu Panda Issue 3

This valley was the setting for Master Thundering Rhino's battle against the Ten Thousand Serpents, whom resided there before their defeat. The battle became the most renowned of Master Thundering Rhino's many victories. After the battle, the valley was repopulated by a colony of rodents, who had previously been driven from their village by the serpents after only recently setting it up.[1]


  • "Woe" is defined as "grievous distress, affliction, or trouble."[2] Such words suggest something tragic happened to cause its previous (or current) inhabitants to be sorrowful from some kind of severe trial or suffering. This remains unconfirmed, however.


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