Viper's mother is the wife of Great Master Viper and mother to Viper. Her name was never specified. Her first and only appearance has so far been in Secrets of the Furious Five.


Earlier years

It is assumed that when Viper was born, she and her husband had long wanted a child to carry on the legacy of the Viper Clan. Unlike her husband and daughter, Viper's mother never demonstrated any kung fu ability.

In Secrets of the Furious Five


Viper's mother holding her newborn daughter

She held the newborn Viper as Great Master Viper looked at her for the first time, and both were distressed to find that their daughter had no fangs. After some years had passed, Viper's mother was pleased when young Viper tried to make her father smile by taking up ribbon dancing.

When the festivities of the Moon Festival came around, Viper's mother saw how timid her daughter was to not attend the festival, so she kept her daughter company. Later, when Great Master Viper was in distress while fighting a gorilla bandit, Viper had heard his cries and immediately left her house to help him. Viper's mother called out for her daughter, worried for her safety, but the young snake didn't turn back.

It is not mentioned what became of Viper's mother after Viper had defeated the gorilla bandit and rescued Great Master Viper.


Since she rarely speaks in her only appearance, much of Viper's mother's personality is unknown, but she does love and worry for her daughter and husband.


Great Master Viper

Though they are rarely seen interacting, Viper's mother does love her husband, evidenced by her horror when Great Master Viper was overwhelmed and attacked by a gorilla bandit.



Viper's mother standing next to her daughter

Though she was just as dismayed as her husband by Viper's lack of fangs, Viper's mother loved her daughter dearly.



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