Viper's village is the unofficial name of a small village where Viper was born and raised by her mother and father before she moved to the Jade Palace. Its true name was never mentioned.


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In Secrets of the Furious Five


Great Master Viper protecting the village

In Viper's village, there lived Great Master Viper and Viper's mother. Being very old, Great Master Viper hoped for his daughter to continue his legacy. However, when Viper was born, he saw that she had no fangs, much to his dismay. Years passed and Great Master Viper was still the only one who could protect the village. The young viper, who still had no fangs, tried to cheer her father up by ribbon-dancing for him, but it had little effect.

Sometime later, there was the Moon Festival. Viper refused to go because of her lack of fangs. At the festival, the village was being raided by a gorilla bandit. The old snake attacked, but recoiled in surprise when his fangs shattered due to the gorilla wearing impenetrable armor. As the gorilla bandit attempted to defeat him, Viper arrived to rescue her father. She brought a long ribbon with her and strategically ribbon-danced around the gorilla until he was tied up, and thus defeated. The villagers then cheered for Viper and recognized her as a hero, celebrating with fireworks.

Some time later, Viper moved from her home village to live at the Jade Palace to train in kung fu.




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