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The Viper Clan is a well-respected clan consisting of viper snakes known for their venom techniques. The only known leader of this clan is Viper's father, Great Master Viper.[1]


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While telling his students about Viper's excellence-of-self story, Po mentioned the legend about the Viper Clan being descended from heavenly dragons, whose flame was instilled into their venom. He described the venom being so powerful, it could "fell fifteen gorilla warriors and a mid-sized crocodile." He also mentioned how the greatest of the clan was Great Master Viper, who carried on its legacy by protecting his home village with his Poison Fang Technique."[1]

In Secrets of the Furious Five


Great Master Viper, the last known leader of the Viper Clan

When Viper was born, Great Master Viper was devastated to discover that his child was born without fangs, which to him meant that she would be unable to continue his legacy, and by extension, the legacy of his clan. However, his fears were put to rest when Viper effortlessly used her ribbon dancing skills to defeat a gorilla bandit after her father's fangs were destroyed by the bandit's armor.

Despite the fact that Viper still lives out her father's legacy as a master in the Jade Palace, it unknown what became of the Viper Clan.

Fighting style and abilities

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