Wú Zhù Village is a village that appeared in the story "Discipline and Disorder" from Kung Fu Panda Issue 5.


Wú Zhù village stands at the far side of the Forbidden Forest, opposite of the Jade Palace village. The village consists of pink houses with brown roofs.


In Kung Fu Panda Issue 5

When Wú Zhù Village came under threat from a warlord named Mei, the mayor sent an urgent message to the Jade Palace for help. Upon receiving the message, Shifu sent Po and Tigress to the village to deal with the threat. On arrival, the two warriors confronted Mei, but were no match for her sneaking ability. Mei eventually managed to trap the two together with a Chinese finger trap, forcing them to flee into the forest.

One day later, Mei forced the mayor into signing a document placing her in control over all of Wú Zhù's property and government. Before the mayor could sign, Po and Tigress suddenly returned, having managed to learn to work together and remove the finger trap. A shocked and outraged Mei ordered her soldiers to attack, but the two warriors effortlessly defeated them, leaving the warlord to battle them alone. Mei herself was eventually defeated and placed in jail by the relieved villagers.


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