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The White Bone Demon is the main antagonist the second half of season one of Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny.


According to legend, the White Bone Demon once wandered China in the guise of a harmless old woman, who would enter villages to beg for food. However, in truth she sought to devour the souls of those who took pity on her, taking on her true form to consume them. However, she eventually made the mistake of trying to make a meal out of Sun Wukong, who managed to defeat her with the power of his magic crown. Wukong destroyed the demon's body, and forced her spirit into the Spirit Realm.

Despite this, the White Bone Demon was eventually able to communicate with Shi Long, preying upon her jealousy of Xiao to win her loyalty. In exchange for Shi Long's help in creating a new body and an army for her to lead, the demon claimed that she would help Shi Long become Empress of China. On her orders, Shi Long invaded the red jade mine and stole all of the precious mineral for use in their scheme. They also stole Sun Wukong's crown, which was added to the massive iron body Shi Long had constructed for the demon.

About the time Emperor Kang Zi died as a result of Shi Long's poisoning, her agents also succeeded in stealing the Wellspring from beneath Panda Village. This was then encased in red jade, in order to provide a power source for the demon's new body. However, this theft also caused a terrible drought that began to affect much of China.


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  • The White Bone Demon is based off of the Baigujing demon, the antagonist of the Chinese novel Journey to the West, albeit with multiple liberties taken(such as her ability to devour souls, something that the original Baigujing in the myth could not) .
  • "Baigujing" (traditional and simplified Chinese: 白骨精?; pinyin: báigǔjīng) translates into English as "white bone spirit".



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