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White Tiger was an excellent healer, and such a chill guy. His chillness was legendary. Everyone who ever met him was like, "Man, that dude's so chill. He wouldn't even hurt a fly."
  —Po, Blue Dragon Plays with Fire  

White Tiger is a member of the Four Constellations. He and his comrades are featured in Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny.


In The Paws of Destiny

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As described by Po, Master White Tiger was an extremely "chill" guy. When seen in the Spirit Realm along with the other constellations, White Tiger is noble yet very relaxed.[1]

Fighting style and abilities

White Tiger was a master in Kung Fu as well an incredible healer. He was shown to be able to heal the injuries of his fellow constellations. When used by Jing, White Tiger's hero chi was able to pacify Jindiao's army, causing them to drop their weapons and leave peacefully.[1]


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