Wudang temple

The Wudang Temple is a relatively large structure located in the Wudang Mountains. It is seen on the "Wudang Temple" level from Kung Fu Panda: The Game when the Great Gorilla and his minions try to plunder the temple of its riches.


In Kung Fu Panda: The Game

Pictures from tomas 188

One of the temple relics

In Kung Fu Panda: The Game, Great Gorilla wanted to plunder the temple's riches, consisting of gold statues and rare jewels. Relics were especially to his greatest interest since they were worth a lot to Tai Lung. After taking its treasures, he ordered for the temple to be destroyed. However, Po and Shifu arrived and defeated Great Gorilla, saving the temple and the relics.


It is a very large temple that has blue roof shingles and is a couple of stories tall. At the bottom at the supports lies a statue and a pile of gold. At the base of it is a bridge. This bridge was destroyed by one of the boulders thrown by Great Gorilla. The temple is also held up by three supports. When Great Gorilla ordered for the temple to be destroyed, his minions started trying to break the supports in an effort to make it fall.



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