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Wushen (pronounced "woo-SHEN") is a character briefly seen in the Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness episode "Mouth Off". He is a kung fu master who once studied alongside Shifu under Master Oogway, and is known for developing the Silken Moon Touch technique.[1]


In Legends of Awesomeness

Wushen talking during his training session with Shifu and Oogway

Wushen made a brief appearance in the episode "Mouth Off" as part of a 2D flashback. Shifu was explaining to Po how talking disrupts one's chi and focus, and as an example, he shared Wushen's story.

Wushen was once a pupil alongside him under Master Oogway. In one training session, Wushen threw off his focus by talking too much and fell into the nearby water. At Oogway's suggestion, he took on a vow of silence, and almost at once his kung fu improved tremendously. Within a week of his vow, he developed the Silken Moon Touch.[1]


There is little know about Wushen's personality other than he was a very talkative and loquacious individual, just like Po.[1]

Fighting style

Shifu described Wushen as having "great natural ability", but wasn't able to perform well whenever he talked. After he took a vow of silence, his kung fu improved tenfold, and within a week was able to develop the Silken Moon Touch technique.[1]



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