Xi'an is a creature seen in the Nickelodeon television series Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. He was a demon that fought and lost against the former Furious Five, and then had his spirit trapped in his cursed sword.[1] He was featured in the episode "The First Five" where his sword was found and fought over.


Earlier years


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In the previous Furious Five's final mission, they faced Xi'an in a grueling battle near a volcano, during which they triumphed due to Fenghuang casting a protective spell that blocked his mystical attacks. With Xi'an apparently destroyed, the Five sought to claim his sword, but upon reaching it Shifu realized its dangerous connection to Xi'an's spirit. Faking a slip, he dropped it into the volcano where he hoped it would be lost forever; sadly, the act was perceived as an act of cowardice by his teammates.

In Legends of Awesomeness

Years later, Xi'an's sword would emerge, with his spirit taking control of two Imperial guards before infecting Elephant, who recovered the sword with the aid of his teammates and Po, who replaced Shifu. Consumed by Xi'an's malevolence, Elephant attacked his allies and the arriving Shifu with the current Furious Five. Fortunately, the two Furious Five groups managed to free Elephant, and Fenghuang dropped the sword back into the volcano, destroying it and Xian's spirit once and for all.


Little is known about Xi'an's personality, other than that he was a generally malevolent being as is typical of most demons. Given Elephant's behavior while possessed by his spirit it seems likely that he either believed himself to be or sought to become the most powerful being in existence.

Fighting style and abilities


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The former Furious Five

Xi'an battled against the previous Furious Five and was defeated by them, and later possessed Elephant to battle them again; it is unknown whether their antagonism went beyond his status as a threat to China and their status as its protectors. Po also engaged Xi'an as a temporary member of the team.

The current Furious Five

While in possession of Elephant, Xi'an battled against the current Furious Five; combat was their only interaction.


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