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Not to be confused with Xiao Niao from Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness.

Empress Xiao (or simply Xiao) is a character featured in the second half of season one of Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny. Initially a princess, she has since taken her father's place as the current empress of China.


In The Paws of Destiny

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Prior to his passing, Xiao's father told her to call upon the Four Constellations and Po to research the drought. Afterwards, her adopted sister Shi Long poisoned their father, leading to his death. Grieving, Xiao commanded that she now have the Four Constellations and Po at her side, warning anyone to do China no harm.

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Xiao has a respectful and caring personality. She manages her responsibilities and keeps her wits. She seems to have a rude demeanor at times, particularly when she made mean-spirited comments towards Shi Long, but as she was not intentionally hateful, Xiao may instead simply be playful or naive.

Xiao sees the good in people she encounters, observed when she easily forgave those who had wronged her despite the severity of what had been done.

Fighting style and abilities

Xiao learned kung fu from Jade Tusk. She carries a jade dagger (a refashioning of her mentor's former prosthetic) attached to a chain as her weapon.


Shi Long

Xiao was born out of a miracle. As she was their only biological child, she became her parents' favorite. Shi Long subsequently had more time for herself, eventually meeting the White Bone Demon. After the emperor's death, Shi Long became Xiao's trusted advisor.


Xiao wears a green gown with a purple trim and sash, trousers of the same color underneath, and a golden headdress with teal gems.


  • Historically, in Imperial China, female regent monarchs were unthinkable and nonexistent due to Chinese society's excessive patriarchy, with the only exception being Wu Zetian, who reigned during the Tang dynasty. Thus, having no male relatives, Emperor Kang Zi in a more historically accurate sense would have instead chosen perhaps a high-ranked imperial advisor to succeed him, even if it meant ending his dynasty.



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