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Xinshi is a character in the Nickelodeon television series Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. He is the childhood friend of Shifu and a former inhabitant of the Jade Palace until he left to work for the Emperor. After sending a message that foils a plan of Temutai, Temutai swears revenge, and nearly gets it in the episode Goose Chase, but is rescued with help from Po and Zeng.


Earlier years

Xinshi was a friend of Shifu when the two were young and were best friends. They played in private when Oogway wasn't looking, and was the only one who ever made Shifu laugh, even doing so and causing him to cause food to come out of his nose. But later on, he left to work for the Imperial Palace as a messenger. At one point in his career, he sent a message that foiled a plot of Temutai, and he has since wanted revenge.

In Legends of Awesomeness

Shifu explains his past to Po with Xinshi when he hears that Temutai is getting ready to exact his revenge on Xinshi. However, after his well-being is accidentally jeopardized by Zeng, and he quits after a argument with Shifu, he wishes to tag along with Po and try to be a Kung Fu master, but constantly screws up to the point where Po lies just to cheer him up. Eventually, Zeng runs into Xinshi by complete accident, and they even fail to defend themselves from Temutai's men until Po comes in and they pile up all the exhausted henchmen unti Temutai comes in. With Po too exhausted to fight any further, Zeng ends up messaging the Furious Five to come in and finish him, saying 'a good messenger never reveals his secrets'. With Xinshi saved, he explains the whole story and makes Shifu laugh food out of his nose again when he brings up that Zeng thought he was a Kung Fu master, and Zeng and Shifu quickly make up.


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