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I've been locked away for so long! So many things to see and touch and-- Ooh, look at that!
—Yao upon first being released from his meditation box, "My Favorite Yao" from Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness

Master Yao is a character in the Nickelodeon television series Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. He is a legendary kung fu master renowned by many for his outstanding intellect; among his admirers is Shifu, who idolizes him and once commented on Yao being "the greatest kung fu mind this world has ever known." He first appeared in the episode "My Favorite Yao", where he was kidnapped by Temutai.


Earlier years[]


Yao unlocking the mystery of the Secret Scroll

Shifu briefly mentioned in the episode "My Favorite Yao" that Yao showed signs of his phenomenal intelligence all throughout life. Yao is credited as the only one to have unlocked the mystery of the Secret Scroll, having done so at the age of five. At the age of six, he invented plant pruning and became one of the few who understood the workings of an abacus in-depth.[1]

Because his mind contained secrets of kung fu that could be used for wrong doing, Yao eventually took up a lifetime of meditation alone with no contact to the outside world, and soon became known as the keeper of the secrets of kung fu. He had done this for sixty-five years in his meditation tower before the events of "My Favorite Yao".

In Legends of Awesomeness[]

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Shifu yao

Yao outside the confines of his box

In the episode "My Favorite Yao", Yao left his meditation home and moved into the Jade Palace (much to Shifu's excitement). Yao's litter was placed in the Hall of Heroes where he continued to meditate. A little while later, Shifu opened up the box to introduce himself to his idol and to give him some bean cakes. Released from his box, Yao started over-examining everything in the environment (after eating all the bean cakes Shifu served him). Suddenly, he spotted the front doors of the Jade Palace and exited.

Yao rolled down the Palace steps in a wagon and quickly demonstrated the Clap of Stillness (to avoid crashing). Po and Shifu ran down after him when Temutai arrived to capture Yao. Shifu was able to knock Temutai and his guards out but realizes that Yao disappeared again. They eventually found him in the village examining people and things, but Yao quickly disappeared again. Po decided to perform a dance for Yao to reappear. Shifu explained that Po was wasting time, until Yao soon arrived to participate. He asked Shifu to join in. However, he refused, much to Yao's disappointment. Yao was soon captured by Temutai and was brought to the Qidan where he was put in chains. Temutai demanded Yao for the secrets of kung fu. However, Yao refused and complementing Temutai in every way possible, confusing Temutai, who decided to let Yao make his decision during the night, otherwise, he would be eliminated.

Yao rested in the chains until he was awoken by Master Shifu and Po. Excited to see them, Yao loudly yelled "Fuzzy" (Shifu) which woke up the guards. Again, Shifu overwhelmed the guards and the three made a run for it. However, they were caught by Temutai. Yao, Po and Shifu were now all captured.

The next morning, Shifu apologized to Yao for the trouble he caused. However, Yao was pleased for having such a fun day. Again, Temutai continually demands for the secrets of kung fu, but Yao only wants to talk about everything in his environment. Frustrated, Temutai orders his guards to eliminate the three of them, and asks for any last requests, Shifu requested to dance for the Qidan. Awkwardly, Temutai accepts the performance and releases Shifu. Po begins to make drumming music by using his lips, while Shifu performs a beautiful dance (and secretly takes off the chains). Yao along with one of the guards enjoyed the performance. Shifu was forced back in the chains. However, Shifu attacked the guards and released Po. Temutai thought fast and ordered more of his guards to surround them. He ordered his guards to finish them off. The guards charged at Po and Shifu but were unexpectedly defeated by Yao's Eight Arm Yangtze Spleen Punch (which he used with his mind). Po and Shifu were stunned by this effect, with Po wondering why Yao hadn't done it earlier. Yao explained he didn't want to miss out on the fun.

Po, Shifu and Yao returned to the Jade Palace to return Yao to his box. Yao thanked them for an amazing day and returned to his meditating.



Yao tasting apples from a villager's cart

After having been confined in constant isolated meditation for the majority of his life, Yao is observed to treat the simplest things with obvious delight. When he was released from his meditation box transport in "My Favorite Yao", he got overly excited at everything his senses allowed him to experience. Despite his excitability, Yao possesses a thoughtful and philosophical side due to his years of mediation, encouraging others to live life to their fullest and helping others reach their own answers through questioning. However, he can prove to be impassive and obstructive, due to not feeling the need to interfere in various troubles and valuing excitement over all else.

Fighting style[]


Yao using the Clap of Stillness

Even though his physical strengths are limited, Yao is able to powerfully use kung fu with his mind (his eyes glow whenever he does this), as demonstrated in his first appearance. When he uses this ability, the techniques he performs are powerful enough to defeat large groups at a time.[1] It is unknown if Yao is the only kung fu master capable of this feat, or if Oogway, the founder of kung fu, is also capable of this.



Shifu yao2

Yao and Shifu

Yao and Shifu came off on uneasy terms upon first communicating directly with each other. Yao found it disappointing when Shifu wouldn't enjoy dancing willingly in public, but was delighted when he later danced to save him and Po from Temutai. Yao passed on some very wise advice to Shifu before they parted ways: to "live every day as if you only had one."[1]


As Po is also a fun-loving and energetic person, he and Yao quickly became friends, dancing together in public after Po used music to lure him out.[1]


Though Temuati wished to kidnap him and discover his secrets, Yao did not appear to consider him a dangerous enemy, irritating the warrior king with questions unrelated to what Temutai wanted. Even when Temutai threatened to kill him, Yao continued to treat his kidnapping as entertainment, up until Shifu and Po became overwhelmed by soldiers and Yao single-handedly defeated Temutai and his men to save them.[1]


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Yao wears black pants with a green Shaolin wrap around his waist.





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Temutai: Are you ready to talk?!
Yao: Ooh, let's talk about these shackles. They're exquisite!
—While being held captive by the Qidan Clan, "My Favorite Yao" from Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness


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