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The yin yang staff is an item acquired by Oogway after he entered the Spirit Realm. After Po's final battle with Kai, Oogway presented the staff to Po.[1]


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The crook at the top forms the yin yang symbol with the addition of a small stone that seems to float in close proximity to the staff.

The staff is almost as long as Oogway himself. It is primarily seen with golden, jade, and light green colors. The color of the staff also depends on the color the Spirit Realm is at that time. If the Realm is in jade, darkish green color (in the beginning of film, or the entrance of Kai) the staff appears golden. But if the Realm becomes golden (at the end of the film, when Kai is finally defeated) the Yin-Yang staff is seen in yellowish, light green jade color. When Po channels his Chi, the staff is bright golden.[1]


In Kung Fu Panda 3

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Oogway with the staff

Oogway wielded the staff when Kai attacked him in search of revenge, and it was presumably contained within the jade medallion that Kai created after capturing Oogway's Chi.

Po presented with the staff

It later rematerialized along with Oogway after Kai's defeat, and Oogway used it as a paddle as he and Po shared a short boat voyage in the Spirit Realm. Afterwards, he gave the staff to Po to keep, and assured him that he would be fine as he "had an even bigger one!" Po then used it to channel his Chi and return to the mortal realm, where the staff-and Po's newfound prowess-were both awe-inspiring and somewhat humiliating to Shifu, who then asked Po to teach him the full power of Chi.




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