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Zhou Dan (also spelled Xiao Dan) is the main antagonist of Kung Fu Panda 2: The Game. He is a Komodo dragon and the leader of the Komodo Dragons.


In Kung Fu Panda 2: The Game

Zhou Dan and the Komodo Dragons started out as small time crooks, stealing fireworks and food from lunch carts. But Zhou Dan wanted more, and decided that he would claim larger things like crossbows and gunpowder, though even that was not enough. His next goal was to conquer Gongmen City and all of China, but something stood in his way: the Dragon Warrior. He ordered various attacks on Po and the Furious Five, sending his Komodo Dragons, Gorillas, and the Great Gorilla, but none succeeded.

He then planned to separate the Five from Po to weaken him. He had his minions capture members of the Furious Five, but Po still proved to be strong. Eventually, Zhou Dan knew he would have to face Po himself, and he traveled down to the Under City Ruins to face Po, and the two fought. It was a long battle, but when Po broke the Throne of Zhou Dan and lunged it at the lizard, Zhou Dan was defeated and Gongmen City was saved.


Zhou Dan has a ruthless attitude toward anyone who crosses his path, and even to his own Komodo Dragons. He is also very prideful.

Fighting style

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The Komodo Dragons

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Zhou Dan wore shining golden armor over purple clothing.



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